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Zoubiya Ahmed

Strengthening leaders & learning everywhere | NPQEL | FCCT | Executive School Leadership

My Story

Zoubiya is a British international  school leader with over two decades of experience in academics, strategic development and quality assurance in a range of premium to mid-market international school groups.


She has been instrumental in founding, growing and turning schools around schools through building key relationships, building schoolwide leader and team capacity and effecting change.


Through her leadership, she has positively impacted 65,000 students in 30+ British, IB, US and blended curriculum schools in the GCC, Africa, Asia and Europe over the last 15 years.


Zoubiya is skilled in embedding initiatives for impact in and across schools - inspiring buy-in, advancing all-through school progress and raising standards. She has a range of leadership and teaching experience from premium and mid-market schools as well as schools that operate bilingual models of instruction.


Zoubiya is a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, holds an NPQEL from University College London and school leadership certification from Harvard University. She is a Level 7 certified leadership performance coach and trained NPQ assessor and is proud to develop international colleagues on the NPQ leadership programmes, currently in 15 countries.


She is a double qualified school inspector (Penta and Tribal) and has evaluation and accreditation from a range of day and boarding schools around the world.


Zoubiya is passionate about the future of the international educational leadership landscape and is in her 3rd year of completing a PhD from UCL's world-leading education research centre in the Institute of Education.


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