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As a Collaborator

Join the ILM Connect community as a collaborator and lend your voice to a platform that's reshaping the educational landscape. Whether you're keen on sharing your expertise through engaging webinars, contributing to the evolution of our platform, or joining our esteemed board of collaborators, we're eager to hear from you.

This is your chance to influence, inspire, and interact with educators around the globe.


Together, we can create a brighter future for education.


Contact us to explore how you can contribute.

As a School

Elevate your institution by becoming a group subscriber to ILM-Connect. Offer your staff an unparalleled support system that enhances recruitment, nurtures professional growth, and amplifies retention.


With access to 36 expert-led webinars annually and monthly face-to-face professional development events, your team remains at the forefront of educational innovation.


For expatriate teachers, this platform is an essential network for acclimating to a new environment, proving to be an essential onboarding resource.


Choose ILM-Connect to invest in your staff's ongoing development while achieving substantial savings on your PD budget.


Discover more about our group subscription benefits.

School Supply

As a Corporate Partner

Embrace the opportunity to become a corporate partner with ILM-Connect, where we celebrate educators and their invaluable contribution to our future.

Offer exclusive deals to our users and align your brand with a movement that acknowledges the hard work of educators worldwide.

By partnering with us, you not only enhance your brand visibility but also connect with a dedicated community, making a tangible difference in the educational sphere.


Learn more about how your brand can join this revolutionary journey.

Our Partners

UFC Gym Qatar
Best practice network with ILM-Connect
QNV2030 with ILM-Connect
Qatar Airways
AAIA with ILM-Connect
olp with ILM-Connect
twinkl with ILM-Connect
BSME Partner Member with ILM-Connect
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