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Victoria Raynor

Victoria Raynor

International Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer DFIFIP | Co Founder and Director Schools Like Us

My Story

Victoria Raynor is an IFIP Distinguished Fellow and the Chair of the International Forum of Safeguarding Practitioners. Victoria is a leading global voice in safeguarding children and pastoral care leadership, advising global safeguarding organisations and international leaders of education.

Victoria has trained hundreds of schools in safeguarding and pastoral care. Victoria has a long demonstrable experience in Safeguarding and Pastoral Care after holding the posts in schools, eventually working as a lead across a group of schools which was heralded by OFSTED and the Regional Government as exemplary in the practice of Pastoral care and Safeguarding.


Victoria lectures all around the world in inclusion, writes and leads online training courses and most recently was part of the team leading on the Global Inclusive School’s Forum in Paris at UNESCO HQ. People often comment how Victoria’s down to earth, fun and engaging demeanour is perfect for leading on arguably the most serious aspect of education.


As a strategic leader in the field of Safeguarding in Education, she is dedicated to driving change and improving outcomes for children and young people. With nearly twenty years of experience, she has developed a deep understanding of the complex challenges involved in safeguarding in education, and have honed my skills in developing and implementing effective strategies to address them.

Her approach is founded on collaboration, innovation, and a deep commitment to social justice. she has a proven track record of delivering successful projects and initiatives that have improved outcomes for children and young people, and have built strong relationships with key stakeholders in the education sector.

Victoria's expertise in strategic leadership includes developing and implementing safeguarding policies and procedures that are tailored to the specific needs of schools and educational institutions, designing and delivering training and awareness-raising sessions for staff, students and parents, and conducting safeguarding reviews and audits to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

she's also skilled in providing advice and guidance to education leaders on safeguarding best practices, and on developing a culture of safeguarding across the entire school community.

Through Victoria's work, she's passionate about ensuring that every child and young person in education is protected from harm or abuse, and has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. If you are looking for a strategic consultant in the field of Safeguarding in Education, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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