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Level Up Your Teaching Career with ILM-Connect: Collaboration, Development and Exclusive Rewards

Updated: Apr 18

Empowering Educators, Globally

Welcome, educators! Are you looking for a platform designed to elevate your teaching experience, connect you with a supportive community and propel your professional development? Look no further than ILM-Connect.

Collaboration & Networking: Building a Stronger Community

We understand the importance of feeling connected within the education sector. ILM-Connect cultivates a collaborative environment where you can:

  • Share best practices: Exchange ideas and teaching strategies with colleagues from around the world.

  • Learn from each other: Engage in discussions, participate in online forums, and benefit from the collective wisdom of fellow educators.

  • Build a network: Expand your professional circle and find valuable collaborations.

High-Quality Professional Development: Investing in Your Success

We believe in providing educators with the resources they need to excel. ILM-Connect offers access to a wide range of professional development opportunities, including:

  • Webinars and online courses: Enhance your skills and stay current on the latest educational trends.

  • Workshops and conferences: Deepen your knowledge through interactive learning experiences.

  • Mentorship programs: Connect with experienced educators who can provide guidance and support.

Exclusive Offers: Celebrating Educators

As a token of our appreciation for your dedication, ILM-Connect has partnered with leading organisations to offer you exclusive benefits:

  • UFC Qatar gym: Enjoy a special 15% off on memberships and fitness classes.and get FREE 3 day trial period

  • Twinkl: Access a treasure trove of high-quality educational resources at a reduced cost.

  • Expatica: Gain valuable insights into life in Qatar with exclusive expat resources.

  • Qatar Airways: Travel the world with potential discounts on holiday package

  • Sova Restaurant: A delicious international cuisine with a stunning view of The Pearl, Porto Arabia and enjoy 15% off

This is just the beginning! We are constantly expanding our network of partners to bring you even more exciting offers.

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