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Dr Martin Bloomfield

Expert in dyslexia and neurodiversity awareness.

My Story

Martin has taught and worked in dyslexia and neurodiversity awareness for over twenty years, winning a Commendation for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion from the British Council, sitting on a UK Parliamentary Advisory Board for dyslexia and neurodiversity (while helping to shape the Government’s Dyslexia Screening Bill), participating in the UK’s Centre for Social Justice “dyslexia roundtable”, and delivering lectureships and teacher training courses on dyslexia and Special Educational Needs in universities across Europe. 


Heavily involved with European-funded projects such as The Dyslexia Compass (aligning international dyslexia measurements across Europe), The SEN Toolkit (providing free neurodiversity training for mainstream teachers) and Autism Spectrum Pathways (helping autistic jobseekers find stable and fulfilling employment), Martin runs the Dyslexia Bytes project, raising awareness of dyslexia from an intercultural perspective, and has created the Dyslexia Map, the world’s most comprehensive map of dyslexia providers around the world.


He is currently a member of GIEN, the Global Inclusive Education Network, a member of DAE – Dyslexia in Adults across Europe, a director of Nigeria’s Amina Dyslexia Centre, and is researching a book on dyslexia across Africa with educational psychologists in Nigeria.  He holds a PhD in Ethics and Diversity from the University of York. 


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