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Amit Singh Kalley

Coach, Storyteller and Co-Founder of For Working Parents

My Story

Amit is a coach, consultant and Co-Founder of For Working Parents, a company that helps organisations become more inclusive for their working parents and employees. A former Deputy Headteacher, Amit uses his experience and his training as an ICF Coach to create an environment in the workplace that is more empathetic and human and where parents can thrive both at work and at home. His work with parents includes coaching, raising awareness of 21st century parenting challenges and creating relationships where communication from parents to children is effective and positive. 


During his career in education, Amit led a successful and outstanding Sixth Form, raising attainment and building a key stage 5 programme that was empowering and inclusive for all students. Amit’s time in senior leadership saw him responsible for areas including attendance, behaviour, safeguarding and wellbeing. His particular areas of expertise include raising attendance and creating inclusive and holistic behaviour policies that allow schools to thrive. He was also a driving force behind banning the use of mobile phones during the school day which reduced addiction, cyberbullying and mental health issues whilst creating a compassionate and safe environment for all students. 


As a speaker, Amit shares his own story to create a culture of compassion and empathy in the workplace, which can and should be more human centric. Amit’s story comes from the perspective of an ethnic minority individual diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood. Amit talks are a detailed and honest account of coping with the diagnosis and eventual loss of his mother to ovarian cancer all in the midst of planning a wedding. The focus on this aspect of the story is grief, loss and recovery. Amit also shares his story of having a daughter born during COVID with three holes in her heart and the impact her treatment and eventual surgeries at Great Ormond Street had on him as an individual, a husband and a father. 


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