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Abdulrahman Abdulla Al-Ansari

My Story

Abdulrahman Abdulla Al-Ansari confidently states that Qatar has always envisioned a higher quality of life and prosperity for his fellow and future citizens. Qatar has become the hub of thriving economic and commercial activity, which has led to the nation successfully recording one of the highest growth rates among the Middle Eastern countries and is considered among the fastest-growing economies in the world. Abdulrahman Abdulla Al-Ansari’s network of businesses has contributed to the exciting entrepreneurial rise in Qatar.

His firm commitment to provide quality-first services to customers stems from his unrelenting commitment and professionalism. He aims to contribute further to the wellbeing of the Qatari society by delivering opportunities to meet Qatar’s 2030 vision.

Within this conducive environment for growth and success, Mr Al-Ansari formed the AAI Group which today comprises of numerous diversified companies indulging in an array of economic activities with remarkable success in every sector. His enthusiasm towards developing educational opportunities internationally corresponds with the values and vision of ILM-Connect and ILM Education Consultants

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