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Themba Ben Mtwazi 

My Story

Themba Ben Mtwazi is a academic, multidisciplinary artist, and visual communicator who focuses on the art forms of photomontage, digital collage and acrylic overpaint. Themba is a visiting lecturer at Leeds Arts University and Digital Consultant for Qatar Museums’ Creative Hubs, whose work straddles the realms of traditional artistry  - using over paint, whilst juxtaposing the art form with digital raster graphics editing and prompt based AI, through his ‘the man and or versus the machine question’ theorem. Themba holds diplomas in an Art and Design from Tower Hamlets College and Sheffield College, is an alumni of the University of Kent, Kent School of Architecture and PGCE graduate from Derby University. He is a recipient of the 2016 Hazle McCormack Young Sketchbook award via the Kent School of Architecture, KSA Creative Writing awards 2017 and the Paul Mellon 2018 Paul Mellon Research Grant during a research period at Manchester Metropolitan University. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a strong interest in post-colonialism and relational materiality, Themba brings a crucial sense of enquiry and creative criticism to the arts. His multidimensional creativity has been recognised by platforms and institutions in the UK and his work showcased in exhibitions in Qatar. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of design, Themba continues to explore creative possibilities and new methods of communication - aiming to identify systematic relationships or serendipitous coincidences between practices and art forms.


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