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Steven Roger

My Story

Steve is a seasoned educational leader with over two decades of international experience, notably in the Middle East, the UK, and Africa. His expertise spans operational, academic, and pastoral management, with a proven track record in enhancing literacy through standardized curricula in diverse linguistic environments. Steve has successfully led schools to achieve full accreditations and integrate cutting-edge educational technologies and AI, demonstrating a strong commitment to innovation and academic excellence.


He has held significant leadership roles, driving schools to high-performance status through research-based strategies and a focus on quality assurance, resulting in notable accreditations. Steve is dedicated to lifelong learning, currently advancing his skills in educational leadership while contributing to building collaborative, multicultural learning communities.


His response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic showcased his adaptability, ensuring seamless online learning and safe physical resumption, culminating in outstanding student achievements. Steve is committed to fostering a global learning community that promotes curiosity, independence, innovation, and collaboration, preparing students for success in a dynamic world.


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