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Sanam Malik

My Story

Fuelled by a profound commitment to enhancing emotional well-being and resilience, Sanam Malik is currently advancing her psychotherapeutic skills, supported by comprehensive training at a leading institution. Sanam's journey in the mental health field is driven by a blend of academic rigour and practical application, aiming to deeply understand the complex spectrum of mental health challenges.


As she navigates through her professional development, Sanam has nurtured a compassionate, empathetic approach to therapy, anchored in evidence-based methodologies. She is dedicated to creating a therapeutic space that is safe, inclusive, and nurturing, ensuring every client feels heard, respected, and valued. Sanam's mission is to empower individuals to manage life's challenges with increased self-awareness and sustainable personal growth.


With a keen interest in stress management, Sanam employs a variety of therapeutic techniques tailored to meet the individual needs of her clients. Her therapy style incorporates elements of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), promoting a holistic and customised experience in therapy.


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