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Daniel Leyland

Parental Engagement Trainer

My Story

With a career in education that took flight in 2011, I've navigated various roles from Mathematics Higher Level Teaching Assistant to the classrooms of St. Patrick's in Eccles and St. Joseph's RCHS in Bolton. In these formative years, I taught mathematics and assumed the Well-Being Coordinator role, highlighting my commitment to a comprehensive approach to student development.


My journey continued in Bolton, where I further honed my skills as a Mathematics Teacher and Well-Being Coordinator at another distinguished school. The international landscape beckoned, leading me to Qatar five years ago. Starting as a Mathematics Teacher, I progressed to Head of Year and, subsequently, Assistant Head with a focus on Pastoral Care, gaining a nuanced understanding of the challenges within an international school setting.


My experience has sculpted a practical and hands-on approach to engaging parents for student success. Join me in exploring effective strategies to bridge the gap between home and school, fostering an environment conducive to student achievement.


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